Student(s): Rui Lu
Instructor(s): Kay Bea Jones
Course: ARCH 4410: Architectural Design V
Term: Autumn 2016

The Cadenza Concert Hall is located around a naturally sunken site, where the scene of Strawberry Hill at the background can be viewed as an icon. The faceted exterior form makes the project a separation from its smooth natural landscape, and distinguishes the main building from two rectangular museums nearby. The organization of the overall spaces is a combination of different phenomena, which suggests that all parts of the project have their own identity and means of access, but each shares a relationship with each other by the continuous circulation inside. The main programmatic spaces are lifted up from ground by the platform above the plaza, with an artificial slope at one side to enter. The bridge behind is connected to the chamber hall on the mountain, with a circulation that gives visitors views of the concert hall and city from different angles. The overall project suggest a movement of the spaces, like the movement and free rhythm that contained in the “cadenza”.