Student(s): Megan Pettner
Instructor(s): Dow Kimbrell
Course: ARCH 2410: Architectural Design I
Term: Autumn 2016

Collision House is a duplex project where I focused on the collision of boxes to create interior views.  I started with two large, deformed boxes that crashed into each other at the corner.  Then I experimented with the idea of the boxes not only intersecting, but punching completely through the boxes.  Smaller boxes intersect the larger two, some pushing in farther than others, and some even completely engulfed by the larger ones.  All of the forms intersecting with the two main boxes also set up false views, such as the long box that appears to go all the way through, but is actually a voided light well inside the box.  Inside the main shells circulation is organized by public and private spaces.  The small boxes hanging on the structure are the private spaces, and the public spaces are located inside the large boxes on shifting floors.  The spaces inside the small boxes become more private as you move up through the units.  All of the spaces are raised to different heights to create internal views.  The glass facades also allow for views down onto the project as a whole.  The site is organized in layers to also mimic the shifting floors inside with an indirect path leading to the alley.  Deformed blocks are placed in piles around the site relating it to the colliding boxes.  These blocks are used to divide the site of the duplex from the street, as well as act as seating or places for children to climb on.  The main part of the duplex is raised up within the site to allow light to go into the building, as well as the site.