Student(s): Sami Samawi
Instructor(s): Andrew Cruse
Course: ARCH 4410: Architectural Design V
Term: Autumn 2016


let's take a second and go back to the times of the french kings. the experience of going to the opera was a breathtaking one, an experience unparallel to anything you could have imagined, you really immerse yourself in a new world so to speak. in the digital age however  cranking your headphones can give you that same experience. The ambition here is to push this idea that you're entering a new world when you go inside the auditoriums, as suggested by the formal exhuberence of the auditoriums that are a formal manifestation of the different auditorium typologies: Vineyard terrace, megaphone and shoebox.


since the project is situated in a landscape the idea was to treat these highly exhuberant auditoriums like english follied in english landscapes, local symmetries are fighting for supremacy in the larger whole. casual meanderers can follow the trails, that are an extension of the botanical garden, and find themselves under the suspended roof and cut through it to find themselves on the other side, they can experience the objects in the round and interact with the follies at first hand.