Student(s): Spencer Huggins
Instructor(s): Stephen Turk
Course: Arch 3420
Term: Spring 2016



            This project was part of a research studio to delve into the limits and endeavors of what is “architectural landscapism.” The studio was concerned with the future of the current epoch, the Anthropocene, and how architecture was to cover the earth in the future. Deriving from Rem Koolhaas buildings, the 1909 Theorum, and numerous Wonders of the Ancient World, logarithmic transformations were applied to these structures to aggregate and create a new world surface that animals and humans occupied together. My project concerned a society that burrowed underneath the ground, only using the surface above for farming and agriculture. Housing was located near the base of the underground society, while closer to the surface was food storage units where animals and humans came together in the harsh winters.