Student(s): Mary Kelly
Instructor(s): Stephen Turk
Course: ARCH 3420: Architectural Design IV
Term: Spring 2016

Our studio was a speculative research studio based on Rem Koolhaas’ 1909 Theorem.  We were tasked to take his seminal works and extract from them to make our own structures.  From these new structures, we extracted again to make our own world.  In a future world where humans and animals harmoniously cohabitate, architecture is what drives the spacial interaction between the two.  Architectural landscapism is architecture that produces landscape-like effects.  It encapsulates the whole earth to form an artificial layer which acts as the new ground. 


All species and their habitats can be accommodated.  My project focused on a society where all of the species eventually evolve to comfortably live in one same environment.  Every species is free to roam, however they take to their innate environment.  Humans primarily live in small, cubical regions whereas herding animals live on the vast terraces.  Viewing the vast architectural landscape gives a feeling of floating above Cloud Nine.