Student(s): Micah Stidham
Instructor(s): Beth Blostein
Course: ARCH 3420: Architectural Design IV
Term: Spring 2016

Throughout the course of this semester the idea frame and window has been a point of focus. I wanted to use this idea to reveal the inner workings of my theater. The people of New York are accustom to windows and frames of various shapes and sizes, but all of these frames and windows relate to the human scale. I found it necessary to provide them with a new experience. The frames in my project are at the larger scale of the architectural shells inside, which house my project. As the passerby on the street looks at my project they are able to view the theater because the large scale frames reveal a multiplicity of shells, each of which hold specific events. As they move to the interior of the project they see that there is a constant tension between the frame, the frame’s poche, and the inner shells. Moving from one piece of program in one shell into another piece of program in another shell they experience views looking out of the frames and opportunities to occupy the poche between frames. Each frame is placed specifically. Some allow views in and out of the performance space. Some allow interaction between the theater and the street. Some frame entry points and lobby spaces. Although they each show a unique piece of the project, they all work together in providing the ability to understand the theatrics of the project.