Student(s): Wenzhao Zheng
Instructor(s): Rob Livesey
Course: ARCH 4420: Architectural Design VI
Term: Spring 2017

Living-Work Grid housing’s site is in Franklinton, Columbus, Ohio, nearby the Dodge park. The site is the joint of Downtown, Park and Industrial area. So according all the surrounding conditions, the Living- Work Grid keep the essential elements form each three different areas. Park as platform for outdoor activity, Downtown as a tower for working, Industrial as modular houses for living. In the project, people who live in can feel the strong union Living-Work community. People can see the big scale tower everywhere on the site. Tower and surrounding buildings has strongly contrast with different scale. So the tower can be seen a center which is a destination for people who live in. And this contrast can make a force to lead people go to the Tower.  As the name of the project. During the day, the project showing the Living-to-Work, after the da, showing the Work-to-Living.