Student(s): Hermon Habte
Instructor(s): John Kelleher
Course: ARCH 3420: Architectural Design IV
Term: Spring 2017

After studying The 21st Century Contemporary Arts Center by SAANA, the main idea behind my project became about how many different ways I can manipulate a circle to produce the arena. The two main objects in my project are the figure eight and the doughnut. One object was formed by overlapping two circles the other by subtracting the center. Under the figure eight roof there is a commercial center and the stadium. The commercial center is influenced by the positioning of the skylights. The commercial center wraps around the skylights, as a result of that four courtyards are formed. Another main idea is the sectional idea of public vs. private, the portions that come through the figure eight roof are private while everything under the roof is more public. In the landscape there is an extreme sports event on every circle, some examples are: Wipeout, American Ninja Warrior, and skate parks.