Student(s): Jeff Leopold
Instructor(s): Jon Rieke
Course: ARCH 2420: Architectural Design II
Term: Spring 2017

The Dance and Performance Arts Center, this project took place on a site surrounded by a parking garage, offices, shops, and a park. I took precedent from my time capsule when designing this project, starting with a grid of columns that intersect the theaters suspended within. The columns break off from the grid to form a “column garden” that draws guests in and invites performers to use them as an informal performance space. The DPAC is composed of a large performance hall for 180 people, a medium hall for 70 people, three small performance areas for a more intimate performance, and two informal performance spaces that are not enclosed by walls. The roof of my design represents a curtain being pulled off to reveal what is underneath, referencing the classic red curtain

being opened at the beginning of a theatrical performance. The roof flows down to gently meet the ground to the North and South. The West elevation is partially open to provide shade and allow guests to sit on the terrace and look out to the park. To the East, the roof pulls away and slips off a few of the columns evoking the idea of movement. The shape of each theater is taken from the form of the ground level, which has a curved wall on one end. From there, the theaters increase in complexity and amount of curved walls as

the building rises. The columns are clad with chrome to reflect the surrounding environment and give ambiguity to the space. The grid of columns intersects with the circulation, both blocking paths and using the column to its advantage by creating a raised terrace centered around it.