Student(s): Megan Pettner
Instructor(s): Elizabeth Leidy
Course: ARCH 2420: Architectural Design II
Term: Spring 2017

The main idea of the DPAC is the shifting, breaking, and scattering of lines.  This is reflected in the theater and gallery volumes, columns, and circulation.  The entrance circulation is defined by an axis that runs along the front exterior performance space, into the building and out to the exterior amphitheater in the back.  The circulation up to the higher performance spaces is based on the idea of a spiraling path that branches out to each space, with the final destination as a rooftop terrace.  The outer shell is a faceted glass pattern that is separate from the interior theater volumes and encloses the circulation other than when the circulation enters the theaters.  The language of this façade scoops down into the ground creating the two exterior performance spaces.  It also scoops into the roof of the large theater creating an occupiable space with a glass floor, allowing the audience in the theater to see what is going on above them.