Student(s): Laura Wilk
Instructor(s): Stephanie Sang-Delgado
Course: ARCH 2420: Architectural Design II
Term: Spring 2017

The main focus around this project was the idea of encapsulating three toys while still allowing to see a significant part from the exterior through the use of forced perspectives. The three toys used in this project were jacks, a rhino and a jeep. The interior shell focused on taking on part of the toy and abstracting it in order to create the shells around each individual toy. For the jeep, the cylindrical form of the wheel was taken and abstracted into more square like shapes, repeated and twisted. The rhino shell took inspiration from the pointed shape of the horn and became pyramids similar in shape but rotated and fit into one another. The shape of the jack shape took from the shape of a photograph taken in which the jacks were tossed into the air, focusing on the idea of the movement created when using the jacks. The rhino shell took a natural form as the connections between the three shells and specifically became a support for one of the jacks within its shell. When creating the exterior shell, the main focus was on showing a division between the three separate interior shells while still using the same pointed language. The large points extruding from the form are all based around the rhino shell with some not even containing any part of the interior shell. The other sections of the exterior focus around smaller facets and the idea of pushing in rather than out. Finally, the addition of clear material created a clear sense of where each of the toys were located allowing for the main portions of the interior shells to be seen from the outside. The small holes give the viewer the direction in which the aperture of the interior shell is located, putting a clear hierarchy towards the toys within.