Student(s): Curtis Shaner, Kaley Overstreet, and Kiernan Smith
Instructor(s): Rob Livesey
Course: ARCH 7410: Advanced Architectural Design I
Term: Autumn 2015


Often times, architecture is described as a set of experiences. What comes along with experiences? Moods. When asked to design a multi-family housing project, the goal was to provide an evolution among three different moods and how these moods, when working individually and collectively, could produce a sublime effect. The three moods specifically being fear, awe, and wonder.


The premise of the project relies on three parts stemmed from the three moods, the ground, plinth, and residential tower. The ground serves as public plaza and access/circulation through the site. The plinth becomes a duplicated ground that is raised up and separates the public and private. Residential towers move through the plinth toward the neighboring downtown, carving voids through the plinth along the way. When moving through the project, specific views and experiences allow different moods to come across you: Looking through the plinth and wondering what’s going on up there, looking across the vast plinth and seeing towers punch through an undulating landscape, and seeing and being in the crinkle-crankled towers, fearing that they might fall over.



Each part and mood works individually as well as together to create one whole that strives to separate itself from the surrounding site and achieve the sublime.