Student(s): Tomey
Instructor(s): Benjamin Wilke
Course: ARCH 6410: Accelerated Architectural Design I
Term: Autumn 2015

After death, the connection between the body and the earth is made obvious through burial. The mausoleum seeks to emphasize this connection. The massiveness of the walls and the thickness of the overhead slabs surround the interior patrons with heavy, earthen forms. In procession, from the highest, most public level to the lower, private tombs, the weight of the building is kept at a constant four feet above their heads. The plant life growing on the roof only further emphasizes this effect. The building and its patrons start high and sink lower and lower as they travel through the building – the earth is reclaiming them.

The project is unique in that in can be understood completely using section. The perspective sections provided accurately portray the user experiences as they progress through each unique space.