Student(s): Simon Beskitt, Eric Vanduesen
Instructor(s): Benjamin Wilke
Course: ARCH 6410: Accelerated Architectural Design I
Term: Autumn 2016

The creation of the chess set involved a study of the features associated with traditional chess pieces and the formal relationships they contain both within a piece itself and in relation to the set as a whole. Building upon a simple symmetric module, the pieces were constructed in an additive process in which each successive module was slightly manipulated to define the characteristics of a piece’s features. The construction process, based upon proportionality and symmetry, establishes hierarchy and identity. Ultimately resulting in a family of six, the pieces fit within a cohesive set yet remain individual and recognizable as the game players they represent. The pieces have a bi-directional nature and offer a strong play of light and shadow against the protruding and receding faces. The set was produced through 3D printing, with the board being laser-etched leather.