Student(s): Christopher Schultz
Instructor(s): Stephen Turk
Course: ARCH 3410: Architectural Design III
Term: Autumn 2016




The idea behind my project revolves around using iconographic farm vernacular found within America to retain the memory of the rural landscape within the contemporary architecture. The entire studio followed this idea to create derivatives we believed would yield the greatest volumetric spaces on the given site. My take on this method involved the usage of pavilionization and how it could best be used to unify such a large site by landscape techniques and geometric complexity. I divided the program allowances into four categories (left to right): Entry, Wellness, Studio, and Administration. These four buildings each held program specific to their location on the site that I felt would best utilize their configurations. Ultimately this experiment into the abstract farm vernacular common to the Jeffersonian gridded areas of America produced interesting volumetric properties that the studio actively wanted to pursue for the people of Millersburg, Ohio.