Student(s): James Carroll
Instructor(s): Jane Murphy
Course: ARCH 8420: Advanced Architectural Design IV
Term: Spring 2016



Lookout Rock is situated along the western edge of Oregon, just off the Pacific Coast Scenic Byway. The mountain juts off of the mainland like a peninsula, and offers a place for people to park their cars and take in incredible panoramic views of the coastal beaches and Pacific Ocean. Taking advantage of the surrounding landscape, Lookout Tower extrudes from the western face of the rock, just tall enough to be visible from the neighboring road. After a short hike through the relatively flat, vegetated portion of the mountain, visitors climb a stairway that hugs the edge of the rock and wraps around to the tower. The tower itself provides a curated experience of the breathtaking coastal views, framing specific experiences, such as Humbug Mountain to the north, a panoramic ocean view perfect for whale watching, the mountains of inland Oregon, and even the beautiful sky above. The views are connected by a series of staircases that move the visitor through the tower. The different stairs enhance the experience, adding another level to the journey. Large scale steps offer a place to sit and rest while observing the Pacific, an outdoor stair pops out of the tower and wraps the corner high above the shore below adding a sense of danger and adventure, and a spiral staircase is wrapped by a permeable wood screen creating dynamic light and shadows that change throughout the day. Lookout Tower aims to blend in the rugged, natural landscape of coastal Oregon, while acting as destination spot for hikers and travelers journey up the Pacific.