Student(s): LIYANG CHEN
Instructor(s): Kristy Balliet
Course: ARCH 7420: Advanced Architectural Design II
Term: Spring 2016

Figured Detroit is a research design project located on an approximately 26-acre waterfront site one-mile west of down­town Detroit. The studio requires an imagination that spans between connective urban networks and intimate neighborhood rooms. To respond, the proposal uses the geometry arc to soften the edge of the buildings and connect the public space that has been captured in between. By shifting the arcs in both plan and elevation, it minimizes the buildings footprints on the ground and creates various scales of buildings that appear visually light weighted as if the structures are floating in the air. For alternative representation, the designer explored modeling 2D drawings in 3D, and discovered using the rafter of 3D print to produce accurate building façade for physical model.