Student(s): Yuan Hui April Liu
Instructor(s): Sarah Cowles
Course: LARCH 4960: Design Studio VI
Term: Autumn 2015

The project is focus on solving the challenge of embarrassed place created by infrastructure in the city such as highway and rail tracks. Surrounded by highway I-670 and rail tracks, the site is located in the intersection of Olentangy River and Scioto River and facing the challenge of isolating from the downtown commercial area and Victoria Village. The concept of the project is to bring people into the sports fields, in which ramps influence the topo change, at the same time creates new experience under the highway and above the rail tracks. With the ramp, the most isolated place is switched into a popular gathering space combined with sporting programs. The main loop serves as a bike lane and connects sports fields and recreation programs in order to create an interaction with the infrastructures, meanwhile provides residents a dynamic space between their neighborhood and the waterfront.