Student(s): Marty Koelesch
Instructor(s): Jason Kentner Tameka Sims
Course: LARCH 3940: Design Studio IV: Ecology and Planning
Term: Autumn 2016

                The southeast part of Columbus has been a nursery hotspot for generations. Due to the underground aquifer, plentiful water has allowed the nursery industry to drive this area’s economy. This proposal capitalizes on the nursery heritage native to this area that is easily recognizable in the surrounding context, as well as directly on site.


                Through the abandoned, linear stands of former nursery trees that currently grow at will, lies a narrative experience detailing how Ohio’s plants are quickly changing. Plants native to southern ecologies are grown on site in large scale greenhouses. These plants are predicted to be occupying Ohio’s forests very soon. Once the plants get their feet in the ground, they move to one of two places. First, to a testing space dedicated to tracking the plants’ adaptions to their new climate or to a prosthetic ecology contained within a dome. The artificial ecology is then partnered with a unique path typology to give the visitor more of a variation in experience. This future Ohio ecology is juxtaposed against a current Ohio ecology to cap a model narrative of the future of Ohio’s plants.