Student(s): Jackie Chen
Instructor(s): Justin Parscher and Tameka Sims
Course: LARCH 2930: Design Studio III: Social Dynamics
Term: Spring 2017

For my projects, I have car care and two eco system which is swamp and prairie in my both site in Franklinton. 

My big site is near COIS and have great traffic volume. I made a car wash in this site so that people can leave their car in car wash for cleaning when they have fun in COSI. In my project, there are inside wash and outside wash and all roads are one way. For the landscape, it is based on the circle shape of roads. The area in the circle is swamp while the outside area is prairie. 

In my small site, I have a car mechanic. This site is near two car dealer. One is in the east, the other one is in the west. So I made two entrance in my mechanic. The site is narrow, I put some facility in second floor as same as landscape. My planting strategy is also based on “circle”. And the landscape in first floor and second floor are continuous. The two side of the building is waterfall. Due to located in an open space, people drive over here may be attracted or appreciate it.