Model Photo
Student(s): Alexander Mann, Brian Polgar, Cory Frost
Instructor(s): Rob Livsey, Bart Overly
Course: ARCH 7410: Advanced Architectural Design I
Term: Autumn 2013

Living in Clover:  Architecture is confronted with numerous demands in its quest for substantiation, but it most effectively engages cultural, economic, social and political forces through the intelligent deployment of its own practices.  In this "comprehensive" studio, students translate motivators into architectural ideas, architectural ideas into elements and organizations, elements and organizations into rich details, all of which reinforce the initial motivators.  Students deploy these practices through a multi-family housing project that is located in a highway cloverleaf disconnected from the urban context, but highly visible.

Program Diagram
Amenity Volume and Circulation Diagram
Site Plan
Floor Plans
North Elevation and Skrim Diagram