2013 Italian Village Transportation Study
Student(s): Alex Beim, Hoa Dao, Kurt Dieringer, Hao Dong, Jakob Dyck, Tyler Grzegorczyk, Meng Lin, Ian Mackay, Patrick Miller, Eric Plapper, Vince Rapp, Ted Reinhold, Alex Smith, Alyssa Taylor, Jordan Whisler, Leah Wirgau
Instructor(s): Jason Sudy
Course: CRPLAN 6950: Transportation Studio
Term: Spring 2013

The Italian Village Transportation Plan was compiled by city and regional planning students at The Ohio State University during the 2013 Spring Semester. Embarking on a 15-week study of transportation in the Italian Village and Short North districts, the studio sought to understand existing conditions in the area by collecting data on current parking capacity and availability, conducting surveys, and initiating stakeholder meetings. Having accomplished these tasks, studio members developed feasible recommendations to present to the client. The following report details the findings of the study and contains a comprehensive transportation plan for the Short North and Italian Village to be used as a resource by the city and to guide future growth.

Map of Parking Types
Map of Sidewalk Assessment
Map of Land Use
Redevelopment Sites
Map of Crash Locations
Map of Crashes Involving Pedestrians and/or Bicycle
Map of Crashes Involving Parked Vehicles
Map of Occupied Spaces