Student(s): Tyler Bender, Daniel Boberek, Alexander Boyer, Yuk Yee Chan, Zachary Corya, Victoria Darah, Andrew Dodson, Marie Downie, Luke Gerken, Wan Han, Megan Hurley, Peter Mathews, Brian Malloy, Nicholas Moore, Stephen Orange, Yi Ren
Instructor(s): Elan Daniel
Course: CRPLAN 4900S/4910S: Planning for Young Professionals
Term: Spring 2014

This course is a studio course, designed to help the students understand and contribute to a visioning process and end deliverable for the client, Community Research Partners (CRP). CRP has been awarded agrant to study an ideal neighborhood for young professionals. A large part of this includes community engagement and data gathering towards understanding young professionals. This will lead into recommendations and a pattern book that can eventually be used by government agencies, developers, among other stakeholders towards a development and design focused effort.

Vision Six.One.Four Event Poster
Vision Six.One.Four Poster