Artifact Engine: Section
Student(s): Samuel Fudala
Instructor(s): Beth Blostein
Course: ARCH 3420: Architectural Design IV
Term: Spring 2014

In 1969 B.B. King lamented that the thrill was gone; life no longer offered him those long-sought-after moments of sudden, overwhelming excitement. This engrained desire to experience those moments drives a primal need to artificially create situations that induce these feelings; the Attraction is one such situation. From the Ancient Roman circus attraction, to the 19th century side-show attraction, to contemporary installments, Attractions thrill us with riskiness, extremeness, or simply curious oddity.

Often associated with the debased, the relationship between architecture and The Attraction is a contentious and at times a mutually-exclusive one. This studio explores the slippery boundary between attraction as gimmick/side-show/one-liner and Attraction as a serious endeavor to break new ground in creating space.

Artifact Engine: Plan
Artifact Engine: Rendering
Artifact Engine: Side view of model