Morse Road Aerial Map
Student(s): John Bunner, Stuart Davidovich, Brian Glassner, Mark Glover, Terel Howard, Matthew Jenks, Brian Kinninger, Kai Kleer, Nichole Martin, Jiamin Yin
Instructor(s): Jesus Lara
Course: CRPLAN 4900S/4910S/6920: Urban Design Studio
Term: Spring 2014

The goals for this studio are to thoroughly research and understand the concept of retrofitting suburbia and apply its theories and principals to the Morse Corridor and its context, and then, based on this understanding, envision alternative planning and design scenarios for the site interface and its residents. While large-scale urban design and planning issues will examined, this studio emphasized physical and social aspects of urban design, and culminated in proposals for specific site plans and design details that relate back to overall strategic design and planning ideas including but not limited to four themes: (1) open space and green infrastructure, (2) walkability and interconnectivity, (3) mixed use environments and adaptive reuses, and (4) urban village and new downtown.

The Green Network
The Bazaar
The Northland Gateway