Model photo, aerial view
Student(s): Tyler Erisman
Instructor(s): Karla Trott
Course: LARCH 2920: Design Studio II
Term: Autumn 2014


This projects asks the student to create a series of unique outdoor reading rooms. The spaces will be designed to contain a variety of sizes and degrees of private to semi-public spaces. The notion of the "reading room" will expand to include larger areas for small group study. These are places where students will study and interact with their peers while engaging in a beautiful outdoor environment. The rooms will be crafted and expressed from both man-made  and natural vegetative material. The notion of a reading room has embedded in its typology a need for quiet. Students are asked to strategically place the reading rooms according to the amount of quiet and/or degree of privacy required.



Final board
Model photo detail
Model photo, aerial view 2