Student(s): Joseph Carifa
Instructor(s): Andrew Cruse
Course: ARCH 4410: Architectural Design V / Gui Competition
Term: Autumn 2014

The Gui Competition proposed the architectural problem of housing eight-hundred University of Chicago students. The site was bordered by two opposing street conditions; to the north is 55th street with four lanes and heavy traffic, to the east is University drive a two lane residential road. The south side of the site was abruptly stopped by an existing field house that could not be removed. To the west was the major student’s access to and from the main campus.

The first move was to create a wall on the north side of the site not only responding to 55th street but developing a bracketed field on the site. The field pulled the dorms out from the bar making negative spaces. The entries are made by pulling from the dorm closest to University drive making openings to respond with the street condition. The dorms are now pushed together into three groups opening up the ground for as much sun light as possible. The bar that lines 55th street allows for all public and sectional spaces to be interrupted by internal exterior space. At the point of intersection in the dorms are atrium and double high spaces that allows the student to view and circulate through different elevations of connecting dorms.

Study Model
Final Model