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Garrett Rubin
Landscape Architecture
Bachelor 2
Justin Parscher and Tameka Sims
LARCH 2930: Design Studio III: Social Dynamics
Spring 2017

                This project aims to combine swamp and prairie ecologies while providing a multipurpose space for leisure while facilitating the sale of fresh produce. The two sites chosen in have been designed as functional greenspaces which mitigate storm water from adjacent sites by drawing water into depressed swamp areas. Contrasting this condition are alternating areas of prairie and boardwalk bringing people into both ecologies. Designed modular elements such as planter benches, lights and fences bring prairie vegetation onto the boardwalk and into the swamp. Pavilions serve as a place for the sale of local produce or general occupancy by locals during the off season. The larger site specifically is not only meant to serve as a place for sale of produce or art from nearby galleries but also to connect existing greenspace along the Scioto.

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