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Alternative Ecologies: Installations in Franklinton

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Kymberly Ware
Landscape Architecture
Bachelor 2
Justin Parscher Tameka Sims
LARCH 2930: Design Studio III: Social Dynamics
Spring 2017

Franklinton is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the heart of downtown Columbus, Ohio. Due to its location along the Scioto River, it was plagued with multiple devastating floods in its infancy that stunted its ability to prosper into a thriving metropolis like the city across the river from it. For the final phase of this studio, we mapped out the several vacant lot in east and west Franklinton and designed them in a way that combined two ecologies and an urban typology that made sense for the surrounding context.


Using hybrid of the prairie and rocky uplands ecology on both sites, I proposed the urban typology of café/restaurant on both sites because of the lack of such establishments in the surrounding area. On the larger site in east Franklinton, the larger building is a full service casual restaurant while the smaller is a faster grab and go place. The west Franklinton site is a small coffee shop with an adjacent patio. To connect the two sites, I used light bench, up-lighting and a limestone block bench as modules as well as the path that takes the form of the ribboning of railroad just north of the site. 

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