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Anamorphic Stepwell

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Dina Elawad, Meredith Garda
Master 3
Jane Murphy
ARCH 8420: Advanced Architectural Design IV

Through our research of stairs during the beginning of the studio we found ourselves drawn to Escher’s drawings of stairs and his construction and manipulation of perceived space. By setting up various exercises for ourselves through the semester we explored anamorphic drawings and graphic patterns that influence the eyes’ perception of space. Looking back at our precedents we found the stepwells of Ancient India to be the most conducive to creating a dramatic set of sets so we inserted a stepwell at the bottom of the Big Stairs in the Knowlton Atrium.  Using an anamorphic projection method, we created a large vinyl decal that was installed at the foot of the steps and, when viewed from a specific location resulted in an implied three-dimensional space that expanded the real space of the Knowlton Atrium. 

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