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Dancing and Performing Arts Center

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Chris Burroughs
Bachelor 2
Ryan Keener
ARCH 2420: Architectural Design II
Spring 2016

My DPAC focuses on how the performers and the audience members interact with one another. The building is essentially broken into two pieces for the audience members and the performers. The performer section is limited to the greenroom, a stairwell, and rehearsal space, with access to the two main theaters. The audience members have a series of spaces that spiral around the center of the theater (performer’s space). While these two separate sections never cross, there are always views allowing the two groups to see what the other is doing. This gives the entire building a very open and public feel to it.


The building also reacts to its site by splitting itself into two theaters, connected by a pathway above ground. This lets circulation continue through the center of the block, while spreading itself into its landscape. The second theater also breaks the ground plane in two ways. The pathway above the theater pulls the ground plane up, while the theater pulls it down, immersing itself into the site. 

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