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Double House

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Taian Wang
Bachelor 2
Lindsey McLaughlin
ARCH 2410: Architectural Design I
Autumn 2015

This project is to design a double house (dueplex), which is a single building con­sisted of two residences, in a given site. One of the residences in the double house would have a medical condition, while the other one is normal. Therefore, some compromise should be made when designing, considering that the residence with medical condition needs extra care. The Double House of Vampire is a dueplex with one of the resident having “Vampirism” as the medical condition. The symptom of vampires is fear of light and demand of drinking blood.

The Double House of Vampire is to provide both habitat and care for the vampire who dwells in. In the drawings, the vampire lives in the white part of the dueplex, whereas his prisoner, a human who he captured in order to accommodate the vampire’s well-being, lives in the black part (The site is presented in grey). At the night time, both the human and the vampire would go to a dining room that they share, where the human would do a blood drive for the vampire in exchange of food.


The Courtyard

An interior courtyard surrounded by circu­lation is established in the middle of the double house, providing more sharing space for the vampire and the human. The courtyard acts as a connection between the vampire and the human.

The Roofs

The roofs of the black house rise at a sloping angle, while the white house has a regular roof. This contrast allows the vampire in the white house to be less noticeable, preserving a private house for him without being disturbed.


The Windows


The black house has windows that allow light to go all the way through, so that a relatively more open space is convey, making the human who lives in less stressful. In the contrast, the white house does not have as many windows as the black one, creating a more closing space for the vampire.

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