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JO North Redesign

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Adeeba Arastu
Bachelor 3
Jacqueline Gargus
ARCH 3410: Architectural Design III
Autumn 2016

                Acknowledging Jesse Owens North’s unique position as a gym that serves primarily the North campus area (in contrast to the vast, sprawling RPAC, which services OSU campus as a whole), the JO North Redesign project is focused on providing a holistic health and wellness experience for students on campus. In this vein, the building can be divided into two primary areas – the social/emotional wellness area and the fitness area, both of which have a dedicated lobby. This organization is reflected in the form of the building, which pulls up from the ground plane of the site and swoops upward, above the interior fitness program, becoming an undulating roof that twists around and shoots outward toward campus. The spaces organized by this dramatic roof are primarily socialization and wellness spaces, such as the café, shop area, social lounge, and wellness spa. In contrast, the rational orthogonal edges below organize court and exercise space, which also serves to set up a hard edge to Lane Avenue, a busy road just north of campus but a dynamic, welcoming edge to academic and residential campus (which lie, respectively, just south and just east of the site). The fenestration scheme, an array of elliptical windows in various sizes, allow for some windows to act merely to let light in to spaces, others to provide picture windows outside, and still others to become window seating areas.

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