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Olivetti Canteen Renovation

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Guanming Huang
Bachelor 3
Kay Bea Jones
ARCH 3420: Architectural Design IV
Spring 2017

The Olivetti Canteen was designed by one of the greatest Italian modernist, Ignazio Gardella. The building has a distinctive organic form and a harmonious relationship with landscape.

Based on the master plan that aims to deal with refugees crisis in Europe, the renovation project aims to create a complex building where staff of Olivetti company and refugee can find their comfortable space.

Two strategies are used here. One radical strategy is removing the core of the building and bring light in. The other is adding a pavilion on top of the roof, by which it offers a place refugees can eat, meet and relax in an open space.


In addition, the temporary shelter project are set on the slope behind the canteen. The temporary shelters also choose hexagon form to create an organic and relative relationship with canteen.

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