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Pneumatic Moments

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Enio Dajko
Master 2
Carrie McKnelly
ARCH 7420: Advanced Architectural Design II
Spring 2016

The material study constructs forms that are easily changed. Inflation, as opposed to vacuum forming, doesn’t require a premade form only obstructions from above so adjustments can be made without the need to create a new form. The material being used is plastic for its ability to take a form once heated and its ability to quickly cool and retain the form. The variables for the physical process are the obstructions (line or point). Each obstruction also contains its own variables (number of points/lines). The obstructions are placed above the heated plastic and once inflated the plastic forms to the shape of the obstructions. The digital process allows for many iterations to be created in a short period of time. Digitally, several questions are answered. What type of grid to use to minimize overlapping points, how far points can be from each other before they blend into one obstruction. In the site the obstruction points collect water and provide structure for the dome. The collected water irrigates the vegetation and provides the students with showers.

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