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Project For Jesse Owens North

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Rachel Ghindea
Bachelor 3
Stephen Turk
ARCH 3410: Architectural Design III
Autumn 2016

This project began by stacking the program spaces, taking the negative of that form, quartering and rearranging to arrive at a final form. My unrolled diagram informs the way that I manipulated the quartered pieces and site to arrive at a final form. I was interested in blurring the relationship between ground and building. Drawing inspiration from Casa da Musica, I wanted to lift the ground up to become a part of my building. I articulated this in a more aggressive way, the forms forcefully pushing up out of the ground, like tectonic plates coming together to create a mountain. I wanted to contrast this feeling of mass from the exterior, with a completely different interior condition. Instead of hollowing out caves within the mountain, I created an open space, occupied by floating volumes. I wanted these contrasting understandings of the building to oscillate from the exterior. I achieved this with an etched glass façade, so, depending on the time of day, the building will appear either as a mass, a shell filled with floating volumes or a mountain with caves.

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