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Riverside Residential Building

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Xiaohui He
Bachelor 4
Rob Livesey
ARCH 4420: Architectural Design VI
Spring 2017

Riverside Residential Building is developed as a curved single loaded building which contains a continuous balcony facing the river so that all the residents can access the river view in their own unit. Between the river edge and the building, itself, there are three designed courtyards with different heights from public to private and have different functions. Each courtyard is connected to one level of the building. The activities park is connected to the public plaza. The bike path park is connected to the parking on second floor and the outside exhibition park is connected to the idea factory. Up from that are the typical residential units. By bring more greens and activities into this single loaded building, big and small openings are created as pattern into the building. So even the building is 12 floors high, with these big openings, people can still experience the relationship between the city, building and the river.

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