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San Francisco House of Music

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Micah Stidham
Bachelor 3
Justin Diles
ARCH 3410: Architectural Design III
Autumn 2016

The main idea of the project is to provide a place where people can step away from the hectic, loud, and fast paced world they live in and enter into a secluded world with a unique and relaxing environment to enjoy music.

To create this environment, a giant canopy envelops the enclosed volumes of the project and becomes a fog-like shroud. Under the shroud are a series of landscaped thresholds that allow people to feel a sense of growing seclusion. Resting on the landscape are the buildings: the Mast, the Chamber Music Hall, the Concert Hall, and branching out from the Mast is the administration bar with a skywalk on top.


Moving through the project people cross many thresholds as they make their way into the performance spaces. The idea of crossing thresholds along with the environment created by the shroud works together to provide this secluded experience of music. 

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