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Smart Arena

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Bachelor 3
John Kelleher
ARCH 3420: Architectural Design IV
Spring 2017

The project was located on an empty site in the Arena District in Columbus, Ohio. It is an extreme sports arena for activities such as the X-Games, Ninja Warrior, Motocross, Monster Trucks, etc. There are also 3 intersecting train lines that meet on the site and it is being considered for a transit hub for Columbus in the future. The concept for the project came by combining the transit hub and the arena into one location because this was to be a focal point for the city. This was done by actually placing the arena inside of the triangle where the trains met which freed up the rest of the large site. I incorporated an outdoor central plaza that would bring people into the site whether or not there was an event taking place at the arena. The aesthetic came from a younger firm name “Salon Architects” from which one of the co-founders worked under Zaha Hadid. I wanted a dynamic form because it related to the way that these extreme sports where all based on the concept of motion. The triangulated mesh overtop the buildings is what brought the program pieces together and provided the overall continuous form. 

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