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Surface and Volume

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Ryan Detroit
Bachelor 3
Kristy Balliet
ARCH 3410: Architectural Design III
Autumn 2014

The project is anchored by the two main interior program volumes, production and restaurant. These elements are connected by a central bar-like volume. These volumes are intersected by a surface to create a programmatic poche that supports that main elements, such as kitchens, bars and circulation. The surface also is used to create transitional spaces between inside and outside, including main entry, loading and connection to beer garden.

A tour sequence is accommodated on a ‘floating’ mezzanine that offers a privileged view to the critical aspects of production without interference. Contrasting materials emphasize main spaces from secondary spaces and differentiate the volume from surface. The meandering surface is clad in elongated horizontal brick and volumetric elements are clad with vertical metal panels.

While the project is organized by this duality, the use of diagonal elements are used for key elements that fall outside of the programmed poche. These specific anomalies connect the tour sequence via a staircase and contain the major storage component.

Image(s) of work: 
Axonometric Drawing
First Floor Plan
Interior Rendering
Site Model
Final Model