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Wax + Water

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Emily Nau
Master 2
Carrie McKnelly
ARCH 7420: Advanced Architectural Design II
Spring 2016

Wax + Water

Architecture of Atmosphere



Initial studies involving melted wax and water were solely to understand not just the physical qualities of wax but also the behaviors of melted wax when it is introduced to water in some way. Because wax is hydrophobic it as a unique quality to capture its reaction by solidifying in water. Three aspects of the initial studies that continued into the final forms were the bridging capabilities of wax between two wires or points, second is the wax’s reaction to movement, and the light qualities of the wax afterward. Before the final forms were created a digital replication of the initial studies, using Rhino and grasshopper, was used to expand the typology of wire forms and began to predict shapes wax would take. The cluster form came from the digital process and in returning to physical the site lent itself to create a folly that suggested an architecture or experience or atmosphere. Both final creations, one straight dip and one spinning or radial dip, have an experiential quality based on the light and the shape created.

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