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Graduate Advising

The Graduate Student Services office exists to support Knowlton School graduate students in navigating the administration of your academic program. You can expect the graduate programs coordinator, Jon Bullock, to provide answers to questions about policies and procedures such as registering for classes, graduate associate requirements, graduation requirements, and to refer you to resources at the university level. 

Faculty Advisor

Graduate students are assigned a faculty advisor. As experts in their field, the faculty provide support to students with questions regarding course selection, professional development and other areas specifically related to your discipline. Faculty advisor assignments are visible to students via their Student Center. Please see the faculty directory for all Knowlton School faculty contact information.

Section Heads and Program Chairs

At the Knowton School, the Section Head leads the section and handles the highest level administration of the undergraduate and graduate programs. The Graduate Studies Chair (GSC) serves as the head of the graduate program at the School. Any forms and petitions including course substitutions, course waivers, credit hour increases, etc. typically must be approved by the GSC. CRP also has a PhD Chair and a Master’s Chair to oversee their respective programs.

Section Head | Todd Gannon, PhD, AIA
Graduate Studies Chair | Beth Blostein

Landscape Architecture
Section Head |  Dorothée Imbert
Graduate Studies Chair | Jacob Boswell

City and Regional Planning
Section Head | Jennifer Clark, PhD
Graduate Studies Chair | Jason Reece, PhD
Masters Program Chair | Jesus Lara, PhD
PhD Program Chair | Gulsah Akar, PhD

Academic and Professional Standards

As students of the professions of architecture, landscape architecture and city and regional planning, and as ambassadors of the Knowlton School, graduate students are held to high academic and professional standards.

Academic Standards

Students must maintain a graduate cumulative GPA of at least 3.0. and must maintain reasonable progress toward program requirements. If a student’s GPA falls below the 3.0 standard, the student is placed on academic probation by the Dean of the Graduate School. A student is removed from probation if his/her GPA is raised to 3.0 or better through normal degree coursework. If the student does not raise her/his GPA to 3.0 or better at the end of the next semester or summer session of enrollment, the student may be dismissed from the university.

Professional Standards

Graduate students are expected and required to observe professional ethical standards during their studies and through their research. Research and Scholarly Misconduct and Academic Misconduct are taken very seriously and the university has set processes to address allegations of misconduct. If you are unsure about general ethical expectations, you should consult with your advisor.