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Honors Programs at the Knowlton School

The University Honors Program focuses on academic and research opportunities for OSU students. In the Honors Program, highly motivated students can pursue an enriched academic experience that integrates curricular and co-curricular opportunities.

The Program is available by application both to incoming freshman and to current Ohio State students who have earned at least a 3.4 GPA from 15 or more credit hours.

Honors Benefits

  •  Access to Honors courses for your major as well as your General Education requirements.
  •  Live in one of three designated Honors residence hall communities (optional)
  •  Receive university-wide priority course scheduling to meet the Honors requirements.

Honors 2013 Admitted Class Profile

  •   ACT score rang (middle 50%): 31 to 33
  •   Average high school class rank: top 5%

Incoming Freshmen Application Process

Step One:  
  •  Apply to Ohio State for autumn admission via the Common Application at by November 1st

Step Two:  
  •  Select "Honors” and respond to the essay prompt

General Honors Requirements

Honors students, whether admitted to the University with Honors status or applicants though the above process, must complete at least six Honors or upper-level (3000-level or higher) courses, preferably within two years of gaining Honors status. Students must also maintain a 3.4 cumulative GPA.

Additional Honors Requirements (optional as upperclassmen)

How to Participate in Graduation with Honors in Architecture, Landscape Architecture, or City and Regional Planning (GHKSA) Program*

In this program, students earn points for a broad range of experiences beyond their academic coursework, such as study abroad, internship experiences, campus and community engagement.

Honors students who wish to participate in the GHKSA program should carefully review the GHKSA application; complete the planned points section of Schedules A, B, and C; and schedule an appointment with the Honors Advisor to review the application in person. Once approved, your GHKSA plan may be revised as necessary. To complete your GHKSA plan, you will also need to meet with the Honors Advisor during the first week of the semester in which you plan to graduate.

How to Participate in Graduation with Honors Research Distinction Program*

Architecture and Landscape Architecture Honors students may pursue Graduation with Research Distinction through a Studio track that requires them to take, in their senior year, a research methods Honors Seminar (ARCH 4780H/LARCH 4780H), an Honors Studio (ARCH 4999H/LARCH 4999H), and honors evaluation by faculty review.

City and Regional Planning Honors students may pursue Graduation with Research Distinction through a Research track that requires them to take, in their senior year, a research methods Honors Seminar (CRPLAN 4780H), an Undergraduate Thesis course (CRPLAN 4999H), and complete an Honors Thesis or Project. Honors Thesis Students will be advised by an assigned CRP Faculty Mentor.

Permission is required to enroll in these courses. Please note that no student is guaranteed to Graduate with Research Distinction; a faculty jury will evaluate the completeness and quality of all Distinction projects as part of the final review process during spring quarter. Scholarship monies may be available to students who participate in the Distinction program.

*Students may participate in both the Graduation with Honors in Knowlton School program and the Graduation with Research Distinction program.