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Knowlton Ambassadors

Meet the 2017-18 class of Knowlton Ambassadors. These rising Knowlton undergraduate students meet with prospective students and families to answer questions about our three undergraduate programs, the Knowlton School and Ohio State. They also conduct Knowlton Hall tours, participate as panelists during Knowlton open houses and volunteer at university sponsored events. Please explore the Ambassador Profiles below to learn about their experiences at the Knowlton School and at The Ohio State University.



Theo Morrow

Major:  Architecture 

Learn more about Theo...

Sarah Davis

Majors:  City and Regional Planning | Environment, Economy, Development and Sustainability 

Learn more about Sarah...

Becca Schalip

Majors:  Architecture
Minor: City and Regional Planning 

Learn more about Becca...


Connor Cunningham

Major:  Landscape Architecture
Minor:  Economics

Learn more about Connor...

Kelsey Swarthout

Major:  Architecture

Learn more about Kelsey...

Nick Armstrong

Major:  Landscape Architecture
Minor:  Spanish

Learn more about Nick...

Sarah Cronin

Major:  Architecture
Minor:  City and Regional Planning

Learn more about Sarah...

Amanda Knight

Major:  Landscape Architecture
Minors:  City and Regional Planning | Society and Environmental Issues

Learn more about Amanda...

Ian Meadows

Major:  City and Regional Planning
Minors:  Landscape Architectural Studies

Learn more about Ian...


Megan Pettner

Major:  Architecture
Minor:  City and Regional Planning

Learn more about Megan...

Anthony Iovino

Major:  Architecture
Minor:  Landscape Architectural Studies

Learn more about Anthony...


Christian Moore

Majors:  Landscape Architecture  |  Origins of Western Thought

Learn more about Christian...


Erin Gleason

Major:  Architecture
Minor:  French

Learn more about Erin...


Becca Finkes

Major:  City and Regional Planning
Minor:  Architectural Studies 

Learn more about Becca...


David Tucker

Major:  Architecture
Minor:  Music

Learn more about David...


Chris Humphrey

Majors:  Architecture | Construction Systems Management

Learn more about Chris...