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Research Travel Awards

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Deadline | Noon on January 25, 2019

The Knowlton School's Architecture Research Travel Awards (ARTA) program was established to encourage independent travel and research initiatives of up to 30 days by Knowlton students from all degree programs. The ARTA program is made possible by generous support from the Columbus Foundation. In the fall semester following completion of their projects, ARTA winners present their work at the School.

In order to qualify for participation in the program, students must be a US citizen and be able to provide 25 percent matching funds for their travel. Students also must make a public presentation at the school about their summer research experience during the fall semester following their travels.

Recent recipients of ARTA grants



Tyler Cloud, Embedded Landscape Histories (South Dakota)

Alexandra Oetzel, Wo[man] in the Landscape (American National Park System)


Brittany L. Schroeder, The Forest Plantations: Characterizing the Plantings of the Civilian Conservation Corps in the Eastern United States

Lucia Aguiar and Rachel Smith: Living Land in New Zealand: Legal Personhood in the Context of Cultural Landscapes



Andrew Barringer, France and Belgium Video of this lecture is available

Emily Knox and Anne Morgan, Patagonia Video of this lecture is available

Amy Taylor, Nairobi Video of this lecture is available

Nicole Potts, Scandinavia Video of this lecture is available

Christian Moore, Netherlands Video of this lecture is available


2016 Video of this lecture is available

Anastasia Betsch, Spain

Katie Lau and Andrew Miller, Great Britain

Jonathan Staker, Rio Grande and Colorado River

Sandy Sechang, Berlin



Robert Hintz, Germany Video of this lecture is available

Will Hughen, Hong Kong Video of this lecture is available

Kalindi Parikh and Mariel Fink, Cambodia Video of this lecture is available

Jessica Sprankle and Jelena Loncar, Italy Video of this lecture is available

Joshua Bauman, Denmark


Blythe Worstell and Chris Watkins, Iceland Video of this lecture is available

James Riley Cruttenden, United Kingdom Video of this lecture is available

Whitney Izor and Alex Pisha, Germany Video of this lecture is available

Marcus Myerholtz and Yana Grinblat, Israel Video of this lecture is available

Caitlin Kilkenny Brett, Brazil Video of this lecture is available


Gregory Toupalik and Michael Zumpano, Tokyo, Japan

Luke Anderson and Nicholas Espinosa, Scotland

Stephanie Sang Delgado and Brian Polgar, Istanbul, Turkey

Christian Golden and Gentley Smith, Italy and Spain

Ian Mackay, Shanghai, China



Annie Bergelin, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Victoria McKenna and Emily Mohr, Porto, Portugal

Lindsey McLaughlin, Shanghai, China

Patrick Herron and Jonathan Rieke, St. Petersburg, Russia

Ameya Warde, India



Julio Perez, Spain

Casey Massaro and Janet Hong, South Africa

Video presentation by 2011 ARTA winners



Dave Burt and Josh Tooill, Bangalore

Ryan Connolly, Sarajevo

BrittanyMeece, Venice

Emma Silverblatt, Berlin



Elizabeth Burdick, Mongolia

Lisa Johnson, Toulouse, France

Amy DeDonato and Kaveh Arbab, Brazil



Marc Syp, Rome

Michael Herpy, San Diego

Greg Delany and Greg Tran, Denmark

Andrew Calhoun, Uganda