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M/I Homes Foundation Materials/Fabrication Laboratory

Michael Baumberger, Knowlton School Shop/Digital Fabrication Coordinator
Location | Room 050, Knowlton Hall
(e)  (t): 614-688-7980

The M/I Homes Foundation Materials/Fabrication Laboratory is provided exclusively for students in the Knowlton School. Woodworking and metalworking skills are integrated into design studio curricula. Woodworking equipment includes standard hand tools as well as up-to-date machinery: planers, joiners, lathes, sanders, and saws. Metalworking equipment includes a metal lathe, brake shear, metal roller, and a variety of pneumatic tools. In addition, the woodshop contains computer-controlled fabrication equipment, including a Stratasys rapid prototyper, several laser cutters, 3-axis CNC mills, a vacuum former, and a 3D digitizing arm. Through collaborations with other departments on campus students also have access to a Zcorp rapid prototyper. Students learn material properties and gain hands-on-experience with construction practices using traditional equipment and the latest technology.

Computing Resources

The school maintains over 350 computers for student use. All use the Windows 7 64-Bit operating system, and have over 60 software packages installed, including Maya, Form-Z, Photoshop, Freehand, AutoCAD, SAS, Rhino, ArcGIS, and ERDAS.

Most computers are placed directly in the design studios, where students are encouraged to use them simultaneously with their drawing and model-making activities. There are also two distinct computer labs: a 33-seat teaching lab used for computer-focused instruction, and a 23-seat Advanced Computing Lab that contains flatbed scanners and large-format plotters. Students also use computers in the FabLab to operate the School's laser cutters, 3-D modelers, and other CNC equipment.

Knowlton School Tech Support

IT Help Desk | Fourth Floor, Knowlton Hall
Hours | 7:30 a.m.- 4:30 p.m., M-F
(e)  (t): 614-292-8612
Submit a problem report to Knowlton Hall IT (ETS Service Portal)

Dedicated IT staff serve the Knowlton School student body, staff and faculty. IT staff maintenance of software, computing services, and standard and large format printing. Each year, the Knowlton School IT department purchases new, high-end computers as part of the School's four year rotation plan for the hundreds of computers deployed in our studio and lab spaces. The School network provides storage and collaborative work space for Knowlton School students.