William Murdock Interviewed by Columbus Underground

The planning alum discussed Amtrack in Ohio, updates to Columbus zoning, and more.

Michelle Franco Presented at the Society of Architectural Historians 2023 Conference

The assistant professor of landscape architecture presented "We are Landscapers: Research and Pedagogy at the Scale of…

Yas Motoyama Receives Grant for Justice Champions Fellowship Program

The assistant professor of city and regional planning was awarded the grant from the Sloan Foundation.

Jason Reece Featured In WOSU Segment “Columbus ranks near bottom in percentage of home ownership for Black families”

The associate professor of city and regional planning and vice provost was consulted for a discussion on housing…

Sahar Khaleel and Bernadette Hanlon Present at AAG 2023

The PhD candidate and the associate professor of city and regional planning presented their research on gentrification…

Zhenhua Chen Published “Impact of high-speed rail on high-skilled labor mobility in China”

The article investigates the impact and mechanism of the opening of High-Speed Rail on the mobility of high-skilled…

Zhenhua Chen Published “Are vehicle on-demand and shared services a favorable solution for the first and last-mile mobility”

The article recommends adding ride-sourcing waiting and car-sharing parking sites at railway stations.