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Transfer Petition for Advanced Placement

Transfer students who were previously enrolled in a four-year pre-professional architecture program, a five-year professional architecture program, or a four or five-year professional landscape architecture program may petition to be considered for advanced placement in Ohio State’s program at a level higher than the pre-major. Petitions are submitted directly to the Knowlton School Student Services office and reviewed annually. Priority consideration deadline is February 15; the final submission deadline is May 1 for enrollment in the autumn semester major sequence. In additon to materials submitted to Knowlton, students are responsible for applying to Ohio State as a transfer student by the appropriate university deadline.

Are you eligible to submit a petition? Ask yourself these questions first.

(1) Have you completed one or more full semester-length studios in a four-year pre-professional architecture program, a five-year professional architecture program, or a four or five-year professional landscape architecture program?

(2) For the placement level you seek, is your studio-based work comparable to the work showcased in our student gallery?

(3) Are your grades in individual architecture or landscape architecture classes and your cumulative GPA on par with Knowlton School standards? For instance, pre-major students who complete Knowlton School foundataion courses are expected to achieve grades of B+ or higher in specific courses and are strongly encouraged to strive for cumulative GPAs of 3.3 or higher. If your grades and cumulative GPA from your previous institution(s) are lower than this, you are not likely to be competitive for advanced placement.

Submission Requirements

The following materials are required for full consideration.

Personal Statement
Tell us about yourself. Describe why you are interested in leaving your current program (if applicable) and what attracted you to Ohio State's program. Discuss your interest in the field of architecture or landscape architecture. A concise, well-written document will serve you best.

Course Syllabi
Submit individual course syllabi and assignment briefs from all architecture or landscape architecture coursework including design/studio courses and supporting courses (such as history, theory, graphics/media/representation, construction, structures, systems, etc). For international coursework, certified translated materials are required.

Transcript (an unofficial copy or advising report is acceptable)
The transcript should include most recent semester/term completed, cumulative GPA, and individual course titles and grades.

Your portfolio should include academically-based process work and finished project work that demonstrates the range of your skill set. Projects should be individual in nature (if a team project is included, be sure to clearly indicate which portion of the project you were responsible for). The portfolio should include drawings and/or sketches, renderings and images of 3-dimensional models. You do not need to include AutoCAD or Revit drawings or projects completed at an internship.

Your portfolio should be a thoughtfully-organized, cohesive document (submitted as a single PDF). The size should not be larger than 8.5x11; landscape or portrait orientation is accepted.

Petition Outcomes

The petition will be reviewed by faculty members from the major program who will determine if the quality of work presented warrants placement into a level higher than the first year/pre-major. If space is availabile at a year other than the first year, possible outcomes may include:

(1) advanced placement into major sequence,

(2) recommendation to enroll as pre-major and take foundation courses to enhance skills, allowing for future consideration toward the major, or

(3) recommendation to choose alternative program/degree.

Decisions will be communicated by late May. Decisions are final; please submit your best work.

Additional details

The architecture and landscape architecture programs are limited in size due to building/resource capacity and desired student to faculty ratios. It may not always be possible to place a transfer student in an existing, advanced group of students if no spaces are available. In such cases, the only possibility may be to enter as a pre-major, complete foundation courses with a strong record, and be evaluated for a future term.

Due to the specific sequence of major courses in Architecture and Landscape Architecture, students who submit a petition/portfolio will be reviewed to enter the program in an autumn semester. Mid-year (or spring semester) advanced placement is not available.

Advanced placement into the Bachelor of Science in Architecture or Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture program does not exempt students from the University's General Education requirements. Both programs require Math for Architects (Math 1118) or a Calculus I equivalent-level Math course (Math 1131 or Math 1151). Architecture requires an algebra-based Physics lab course (Physics 1200) prior to enrollment in Structures and Systems coursework (Arch 5710 and 5810, respectively). A range of General Education (GE) courses in writing and communication, social sciences, literature, biological science and more are also components of the degree. While transfer credits that fulfill these requirements will be applied when at all possible, most students typically have some GE requirements left to complete during their tenure at Ohio State. International students may be required to complete ESL courses depending on placement text results. These requirements influence an individual student's time to degree.

Students with an Associate's degree in Architecture or Landscape Design/Construction (or students with technical architecture/landscape/design credit from a community college) will begin as pre-major students.

Please also note that at least 30 hours must be earned at Ohio State in order to receive a degree. At least 60 hours must be earned at Ohio State in order to be eligible for Latin Honors.