Daniel Froelich

Knowlton Ambassador

Daniel Froelich

Daniel Froelich

Landscape Architecture and Entertainment Design & Technology

Monclova, Ohio

Outside of being a Knowlton Ambassador, how are you involved on and across campus?

On campus, I work at the student recreation centers at the front desk. I also am a member of Saint Paul's Outreach (SPO), a Catholic student organization focused on building up a strong community of students alive in their faith.

What do you most enjoy about being a student at Knowlton?

I enjoy being able to be creative and share my desire to design and create with my peers. I also love being able to use my talents to better my community.

Do you have any advice for new Knowlton students?

My advice is to get to know your peers and be the first to say hi, because you'll work with them a lot!

What has been your favorite non-major Ohio State course?

My favorite course so far has been the weightlifting class I took. I was able to do something I enjoy doing, lifting, while making new friends.

Do you have any final advice for prospective or newly admitted Knowlton students?

Go all in, but be prudent in what you do with your time. We have much more free time during the days in college, but it's up to you as an individual to be able to discern what to do with that time.