Policies, Forms, and Petitions

Commonly used forms and petitions for undergraduate and graduate students.

Policies, Forms, and Petitions


Knowlton School Special-Action Probation (SAP) Policy

This policy outlines the process for students not making satisfactory academic progress toward their degree.

Download the Knowlton School Special-Action Probation Policy 

Forms and Petitions

Course Enrollment Permission Form

Required when pursuing enrollment in a regular class for which you need instructor permission (waive requisites, enroll in a full class, time conflict with another class, request to add after the 1st Friday, etc.).

Download the Course Enrollment Permission Form

Deadline: Typically the 2nd Friday for full semester courses; see registrar.osu.edu for a full listing of deadlines, including deadlines for session-based courses, and information about late add fees



Knowlton Graduate Course Waiver Form

Required to waive graduate a graduate course requirement. The form requires instructor approval. A course waiver relieves a student of a specific course requirement. Students are still required to fulfill the credit-hour requirements for their program.

Complete the Knowlton Graduate Course Waiver Form



Grade Forgiveness Petition

The University’s Grade Forgiveness Rule allows a student to petition to repeat up to three courses for which the grade in the repeated course will permanently replace the original grade for the course in the calculation of a student’s cumulative GPA.

The petition should be submitted once you register for the second attempt of a course. Students who passed the course the first time and fail it the second will lose credit for the course. Both courses will remain on your academic record. Coursework taken outside of Ohio State, including EM and transfer credit, is not counted as an attempt for the purposes of the grade forgiveness rule.

View the Grade Forgiveness Petition Form

Standard Deadline: 10th Friday of the semester



5191 Enrollment Request Form

The 5191 Enrollment Request Form is required to enroll in ARCH/LARCH/CRPLAN 5191.

For more information, see ARCH/LARCH/CRPLAN 5191.

View the 5191 Enrollment Request Form



Curriculum Petition

A curriculum petition is required when a student wishes to pursue an adjustment to an approved curriculum. Examples include:

  • applying unused credit toward a GE or major requirement;
  • application of Special (S000) credit to GE or major requirements;
  • substitution or modification of a requirement within the standard GE or degree requirements.

View the Curriculum Petition

Deadline: Course petitions may be submitted at any time.



Independent Study Request Form

Independent studies are designed for students who wish to explore topics or subject matter not already covered in another upper-level course.

  1. Consider and outline your proposed topic and research interests.
  2. Consult with faculty to determine who is able to direct your independent study. It is important to define the details of your proposal and come to a clear agreement on the topic, scope, expected deliverables, due dates, and meeting patterns.
  3. Both the faculty and student must agree, in writing, to the independent study proposal. The faculty member determines the number of credit hours that the work justifies.
  4. The student will submit the Independent Study Request Form, including the agreed-upon proposal, a listing of any required assignments or projects and expectations, and agreed-upon number of credit hours.
  5. After submission by the student, the faculty member receives a copy of the request and will forward the request with his/her approval to Knowlton School Student Services in order for the course (ARCH 4193, LARCH 4193, or CRPLAN 4193) to be added to the student's schedule.

Independent studies cannot be used to prepare personal statements for graduate school applications or to provide credit for internship experiences. Independent study courses are graded S/U and cannot be applied toward core requirements on the major or GEs.

View the Undergraduate Independent Study Request Form

View the Graduate Independent Study Request Form

Deadlines: 2nd Friday for full semester courses (see registrar.osu.edu for a full listing of deadlines, including deadlines for session-based courses, and information about late add fees). All regular university deadlines for adding/dropping classes apply, including late fees.



Withdrawal Request Form

Required to request withdrawal from a courses after the online drop period. You will receive a mark of “W” for any courses from which you withdraw.

View the Withdrawal Request Form

Standard Deadline: 10th Friday for full-semester courses (see registrar.osu.edu for a full listing of deadlines, including deadlines for session-based courses)



Late Withdraw Petition

Required to withdraw from a term after the withdrawal deadline.

Requires advising appointment.

Students who are eligible must clearly be able to document that extenuating circumstances began after the withdraw deadline and that the circumstance made it impossible for the student to finish the term's coursework. External documentation may be required.

Deadline: Last day of regularly scheduled classes for a term or session and/or at least five business days prior to the course’s scheduled final exam.



Senior Petition

Allows a student to enroll in a graduate-level course and apply the credit toward a future Ohio State graduate program. Review requirements in the Graduate School Handbook (Section 4.1.3) and meet with an academic advisor to complete paperwork.

Download the Senior Petition


Petition to Receive Undergraduate Credit for Graduate-Level Course

This form allows a student to seek permission to enroll in a graduate-level course and apply the course credit toward an undergraduate degree. This course credit cannot be later applied to any graduate degree.

Download the Petition to Receive Undergraduate Credit for Graduate-Level Course



Commencement Ceremony Absence Form

Submit this form if you do not plan to attend your Commencement ceremony.

View the Commencement Ceremony Absence Form

Deadline: Two weeks prior to your Commencement ceremony



Request to Return Form

Students who want to return from a leave of absence to the university and Knowlton, are required to submit a request to return form.

View the Request to Return Form

Spring term: October 1
Fall term: March 1

Any submissions after the deadlines are not guaranteed, but will be reviewed on a space-available basis.



Petition for Reinstatement

Required when petitioning for reinstatement after a dismissal from a department, Knowlton, or Ohio State. Petitions for Reinstatement should be submitted to the program you wish to pursue, not the program from which you were dismissed. Students who were academically dismissed are expected to spend a minimum of two terms away from Ohio State, though additional time may be required in order to demonstrate an ability to be successful as a returning student.

Autumn term: June 1
Spring term: October 1
Summer term: February 1
(or the first business day following, if these dates fall on a weekend)



Fresh Start Application


Students who are absent from the university for a period of at least five years, and did not complete a degree, may apply for a Fresh Start. To discuss eligibility, contact an academic advisor prior to re-enrollment. Upon approval, students will resume academic study with no cumulative GPA.

Deadline: Submit as soon as possible after fees are paid for your first semester of re-enrollment.